Thursday, August 24, 2006

Two people who bug me!

I really enjoy my workplace, it's a fun environment, it's got windows!!, the people in my immediate contact are all super fun to talk to and we have very nice discussions about things that interest us...

But there are these two people in my office, whose manners irritate me sometimes. One is this guy, who normally walks up to my boss, and his way of motivating him to achieve more or to tell him that he expects a lot from him is his saying things like:
1. "What glorious things have u achieved today?"
2. "Are you ready to conquer the world yet?"
3. "So what's the latest and the greatest?"
4. "How is the brainy side of the building doing today?"

Now he is a wonderful guy and he always praises any of us who do a good job, but this nature of his, walking into the office and saying something like this, makes me grit my teeth and get irritated with this show of confidence and intense must be well meant and my boss doesnt even seem to mind it...but it gets to me. Though I can never muster the courage to say anything to him about this and though it is never said it me, it still bothers me no end!

The other person is this guy who joined the company some months back...he's a real weirdo...if you bump into him in the corridor and u great him with anything, a smile, a "hi", a "how are you today"...he'll look your way (so u know you weren't talking to yourself)...but he'll not give any indication of having heard you, not a nod, a smile or his step also doesn't falter! It is sooo can he just do this day in and day out...and i used to think it's just me he despises..but to my pleasure(?) i came to know he does this to all and sundry! He's an ok guy otherwise, he'll talk and make fun and interact when we all meet for company lunches, runs etc but meet him in the office, he'll ignore you like you didn't exist!

I have done crazee things too, like ignore people I am not too fond of; coz of my shyness, ill wait for people to say hi and then yeah i am weird in that way...but...i dont make a habit out of it! what, do i?


  1. passing judgment for no rhyme or reason5:13 PM

    we have this over-zealous desi who drops the Gs and speaks with a bigger nasal twang than any of ur country singers.

    then there is this cambodian guy who wud never reply if u are managing him....may god have mercy on u.

    then there is this other punjabi guy...who thinks he can speak in english...but it is as convoluted and unstructured as his brain itself.

    then we had this south-asian Prof and TA combination at grad-school who wudn't understand a word of what each other wud they required Indians as a bridge to communicate.

    none of them bug me...they are just plain funny...but somehow ur article reminds me of them

  2. hehhee! I can write a whole saga about wierdos in my office!!! I guess every office has its own share and to be honest yours does not seem that bad! :)

  3. LOL...ROFL...@ both you guys!!!

    i lk my office a whole lot...:)'s a nice fun place to work...and the first guy i wrote about...he's one of the those people who brings out the best in your work...because he's such a perfectionist...! and i actually like him a lot...except for that 1 thing!

  4. J-Dogg5:16 PM

    Megha, does the gentleman who ignores you like to wear one color especially? If so, I've been wondering if he doesn't like me for a while, because he never smiles back at me when I smile at him, and half the time he doesn't return my greetings. So maybe it's not just me? Hmmm... I'd like to pick his brain and find out who dropped him as a baby...