Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So Anu's comments about her initial college days reminded me of an incident when I was just going to join Engineering college.

To give a little background, I was brought up partially in Ranchi and partially in Delhi. My parents are very broad minded. We were taught spiritual values at home and to be religious, but not over do it, be practical, work hard, play, read and do whatever you do with love and dedication. Now the last part has always been hard to do. So the point is that it was a liberal environment for us.

So, now I was to join Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, it's not a big town, it's a small town in the state of MP in India. So my Dad and I go for the counseling session, where my Engineering branch (CS/EE/ETC/Civil etc) would be decided etc. So after a lot of hours, finally it's decided that I will get the coveted Computer Science and Engineering branch. Now I have a lot of family in Jabalpur,so living in the hostel would be out of the question. So, my Dad and I start thinking how I will travel to college everyday, it was a 10 km drive. Just then, we overhear a guy talking and he says he will be coming from Wright Town to college everyday. My Dad's ears are very sharp by the way ;) So he goes over to this guy, let's just call him, MTEE, and asks him if he was going to join Computer Science, and he nods. And Dad comes over to me and tells me, he found me a ride! So MTEE and I meet. Now my cousin, who was from Jabalpur was also there and he's staring at us. I couldn't understand what the problem was! So finally we wrap up and we go home. My cousin gives us an earful, 'are u kidding me, Megha will go to college, what a boy?'. To say, that I was horrified, is an understatement, my own cousin! I have always been around boys all my life, so this new aspect was alien to me! Anyway, we don't think too much about it and I am happy about the prospect of joining college soon!

One month later, it's the first day to college, and my cousin drops me off. How that day went and what all I went through, is a thing of the past, and looking back it was all fun! But here's the most important thing...later in the day I learn that MTEE is almost a goon of the college! He saw me too, I was so surprised and shocked that I just looked away, he I think smiled, but the bottom line is, the previous meeting was never discussed or mentioned! My poor Dad, what was he to know that the ride he was finding me to college would really be a goon :) It's seems so funny now, but the 4 years I was in Jabalpur, I always feared that someday somebody might mention it and I would die of shame!!! To be linked to THAT guy and that too for a ride!!!


  1. "later in the day I learn that MTEE is almost a goon of the college!"

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is a "goon of the college?"

    A. A thug hired to intimidate or harm opponents?
    B. A stupid or oafish person?

  2. @ Dravis

    A goon is a bully. :)

  3. Dilip7:59 AM

    Quick question: does/did your husband ever work for Nokia @ Irving?

  4. hehehehe hahahahaha hehehehehe

  5. This is hilarious. Why was this guy called MTEE ? Was he MTEE-in-the-head ?


  6. @ akansha
    YES u got it! i had to explain my name for him to so many people, but u got it!

    thanks for visiting :)

  7. @ Dilip,

    No he never did.

  8. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Just happened to read this post! Had I known this in college, we sure would have had some fun :D


  9. @ Shalu,
    I am surprised you don't know about this! But glad it never came out!!! :D