Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Mom moment

I have read about other Moms facing this and it was time I faced it too.

This past weekend, we were at a get together which had a good outdoor space, where the kids could run around. So M and N were having a lot of fun running around, chasing imaginary things and each other and playing tag. A little while later, N got interested in a group of boys playing - they were probably 4-5 years old. N and M go upto them and statrt talking in their language which I don't think kids of that age get - they've probably forgotten it. So all of them ignore these two and run off, except this one boy who stands there listening to N jabber. Out of the blue, he pushes N and N gets angry and says to him 'No push', so the boy this time pushes both M and N. I was a little distance away, so I walked upto this boy, and I repeated what N had said except I added some vowels and prepositions ' Please don't push'. The little boy moved away and I looked around for any parents, but no one seemed to claim to know the boy.

Later G and I were discussing this and G told me I was being over protective. But I wasn't, I told him, I would've reprimanded N too if he pushed anyone, I make him apologize immediately to M when he pushes her or pulls her hair. It's just the right thing to do. Am I wrong? Should I not have said anything to the little boy, should I have let N handle the situation?


  1. I am glad that N defended himself. But Iwould have done what you did without a moment's thought. Maybe that is what helicopter parenting is all about...but I dont care...I am ready to help my child out when she is being defenselessly harmed.

  2. Mighty Pipsqueek12:21 PM

    If N was at risk of being harmed, I'd have intervened. Otherwise, I'd have watched carefully and see how the situation unfolds. When I was little, I had a couple small tussles and the experience of standing up for myself gave me more confidence.

  3. Hmm, MP, good thought, except it's so hard to see your kid being harmed or causing harm. But I think the next time it happens, I am going to let it go on for a tad longer. I hope it doesn't happen though :)

  4. If all parents were a bit tougher on their kids on how they should behave with other kids, maybe bullying wouldnt be such a big issue in schools. Nice post as always !