Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tornadoes and an almost twister

I NEVER want a repeat performance of what we witnessed yesterday. But we live in the glorious state of Texas and such and more is bound to happen, if not again this tornado season, then the next one.

So this was the first time that a tornado was rummaging through my neighborhood and the kids and I weren't together. I was in such a panic mode. For 2 hours I was stuck to the news channel on my computer at work. My heart telling me to run to the kids in the Montessori and my brain telling me to stay put. Neither was it safe to drive in that condition, nor would I have helped the chaos.
The challenges at the school were pretty big, they had to wake up napping kids, carry some, make some run to the the bathrooms and closets and contain them there. I spoke to Ms E and Ms J at the school and they were so good spirited about it, I know it must've been a HUGE challenge, not to talk of the responsibility that was on their shoulders. So proud of them and so happy.
I asked the kids later if they were in the bathroom at school, and their reaction was 'bathoon?' and they walked up the bathroom at home. Oh well!

The images from Forney, Tx are heart wrenching, one of the house only has the bathtub and the wall adjacent to it remaining, thankfully the family is safe because they were in the bath tub taking shelter. The entire house was gutted. There are other house, which though partially standing will have to be built from scratch. One of the schools is closed and there are about 10,000 or so houses without electricity still.

Nature yet again brought me to my knees yesterday. Not something I want to live through again.G and I sat last night and made sure our papers were all still in the bag which is the bag we pick, get the kids and run to safety. This tornado made everything so surreal.

God bless all those families who were not as lucky as us.

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  1. Babs asked me if I also had the fire drill at work...hehehe...

    They were rushed to one bathroom...figured it was too small, then to another, still small and finally all of them were cluttered into the kitchen with snacks to she was happy but had missed a major chunk of nap...

    The excitement was good but i really do not want to see a funnel cloud that close again.