Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Restrooming the book

A lot of us like to read in the potty. Newspapers, Magazines, books and now from smart phones and tablets. It just makes a necessary yet boring process more enjoyable. I know of some people who sit long after the deed is done so they can finish what they're reading.

I do this too - but I only take my books to the RR and not the books I get from the library or the books I borrow from friends. I won't let a magazine that has been in the RR come back into the normal circulation of books around the coffee table because it's just dirty to me. The one thing that I am extremely mindful of is not to take a borrowed book to the RR, it's not mine to defile. There's something unsanitary about that whole act.

So the other day, I visited a friend and she had borrowed a book from me. I had to use the RR and I went in and guess what - there sat my book next to the pot. I was transfixed for a moment, not knowing what to do, I had an urge to dump the book in hand sanitizer liquid sitting on the counter as well (this was also a major cause for concern - but i digress). I stood there wondering what I can do, if I can even do anything.

When I came back home, I went to the study and looked at all the books critically. Had someone taken them to the RR and defiled them? Had the book I had just borrowed from another friend been there too? And the ones from the local library? Suddenly imaginary germs and creepy crawlies were materializing on the books in front of me. I felt a chill and walked away. I am at a loss, I cannot toss the books, but I think this weekend I will put them out in the sun - my Mom always said that sun rays have therapeutic qualities. So maybe airing the books will make things better for me? Of course I will use gloves to carry the books out!

Seinfeld had an episode about this, when George takes a book from the bookstore, goes to the restroom and tries to put it back on the shelf. Of course the store wouldn't allow it and he has to buy the book, then he tries to get rid of it, but is unsuccessful, since the book has been flagged. If it were up to me, I would 'flag' George and not let him enter the store, but who's listening to me!

So dear friends who I lend books from - rest assured I will not take your book to the RR - but if you borrow a book from me - there is a really good change it's been to my RR, but please don't take it to yours? I wonder if this is something we all think about and it's one of those things that bothers us but we try and ignore it? To be honest, it's not the first time I have thought of this, but the first time, it's really bothered me.

Which brings me to the best part about this whole post - EBOOKS!!! They are the solution to this whole nasty affair. I am sure when epub, ibooks etc were created, they had this nasty problem on their mind ;)

As for that friend - she can keep the book and she is flagged - not lending her books anymore.


  1. this me? I do take many of my books to RR...ouch! But I like your policy though...

    So quick know the hindi saying...tera khoon khoon mera khoon paani? Can I apply it to this situation?

  2. hahha..i was sure you would think it is you. Relax - it is not.

    I think that saying would go..but what you choose to do with your own book is fine..but not to borrowed property no?