Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Floors

She ran from the class, constantly looking at the time, willing her legs to carry her home faster. It took all of seven minutes, but she knew it was seven minutes too late. She cursed her professor for keeping them five minutes extra in the class. She reached the apartment complex and sure enough the motorcycle was already in it's spot and she had missed sharing one minute with the most handsome guy on the planet. With a heavy heart she dragged herself to the elevator and pressed the right button. She stood there waiting, turning every so often to make sure the motor cycle was his.

She gave herself a wry smile, she didn't even know his name. She had heard his voice and it was just as sexy. The elevator came and she went up, promising herself she would be on time the next day.

He stood by the window in his apartment, the windows here didn't open, and they were tinted, so she couldn't see him, but he saw her. Saw the dejected look that came to her face when she saw his bike parked in the parking lot. He smiled to himself, he didn't know her name, but she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. The only thing he knew about her was that she was a student, unlike him, she loved to wear sneakers and she had quite a collection of those, she dressed casually like all students but she carried herself well. He looked forward to the 1 minute ride in the elevator they shared sometimes. He had tried once to have a conversation with her, but a little boy had entered and she and the little fellow started talking about some comic book they both liked.

He walked out to his door and stood there to see if he would catch a glimpse of her when the elevator came up. He stood for five minutes, eventually it came up, the door opened and his neighbor came out and waved bye to her. She saw him then, and impulsively he raised his arm and waved her bye, hoping his face conveyed to her that she would never see him again. She looked perplexed, but before she could react, the doors shut and he could hear the hum of the elevator.

He walked back in, picked up his already packed up bags and his keys and left the building. He had a flight to catch and a wedding to get to, his own wedding. A bride of not his picking, but his parents and that was all.


  1. I loveeeeee it! and you knowwwwww it!

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    so from this Anu Russel's page I land on yours! Blogging is getting similar to Wikipedia.. :) a link embedded in every post to be read further... :) Good Story... :) found it worth fwding to few friends at work... :) now some self promotion... :P though am bad at writing things or not as much as you... do drop in at :)

  3. A touchy story and well narrated...

  4. thanks Anu.
    jkhona - thank you so much for visiting and your encouraging words. That's a great analogy for networking in times today.
    I have been reading your posts, interesting stuff.

    Thank you Saru.