Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pet Peeve #456778

I see a number of people post about positive thoughts and positivity on Facebook and Twitter, but I know these people and they have not a single positive bone in their body. They never emulate these thoughts in their day to day lives, so what is this about? Why is my FB storyline getting filled with such silly 'pasted from elsewhere' posts? How much I love to hate social networking!



  1. I love flowers and rainbows. Plus, I think everybody is super nice and cool. The world is a fluffy mattress filled
    with puppies and bunnies that smell like sugar plumb fairies. La la la, how I breathe positivity and joy!

  2. All those image messages?

  3. @Mighty. You are one of the most positive guys i know!
    @anu, yes and annoying messages about being the center of positivity in everyone's life. Horse sh!t if you ask me.

  4. I get annoyed on seeing an overload of such posts too!

    1. umm..then don't read it! My blog - my prerogative, no?