Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Anu introduced me to Korean Dramas and now I am hooked, there is no looking back.
I love everything about these shows, the lifestyle, the culture, the soju (alcohol) drinking accompanied with anju (snacks).

So far I have seen
Lie to me
Coffee Prince
Coffee House
Capital Scandal

and bits of
Summer Scent
Protect the boss
Boys over flowers

And movies:
My girlfriend is an agent
Relation of face, mind and love.

I have to say I am in love in Kang Ji-hwan. Isn't he cute. So most of the shows I have seen so far,  and all the movies have him. He's not just hot, but a really good actor. I don't feel like he's getting his due though.

So I compiled a list of things I find common in KDs:

1. the guy is always rich and the girl is from a poor family, but not helpless 
2. there are always 2 guys, nobody likes the girl in the beginning and then all fall for her.
3. this is always the story of second love.
4. if the guy is rich, he must drive a german car.
5. karoke is very popular
6. of course drinking and eating
7. if one can speak english, one is looked upon.
8. skin looking good is very important
9. If a guy or girl has been seen naked by someone or there's a kiss between two people, you can be sure they are the ones who will end up together.
10. Rolling up of sleeves is a very common phenomenon.
11. Grabbing girls by the arm is very common and it's super cute too.
12. Everybody is so thin.

So far those are my observations. I love how innocent the dramas are. I am falling in love with S.Korean culture too. So like India, they have words for relationships, it's not just Uncle and Auntie. There is a lot of respect among peers and people maintain space. I do find it funny that if someone is a Director or Chairman, they are always referred by their title. So it's Director Cho or Chairman Park. 

I cannot wait to watch My fair lady, after I finish Prosecutor Princess. Yipee!!


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  2. I will try to catch some of these online, watching something fresh is always inspiring. Thanks for the list, will use it for reference.

  3. WOW !!! Korean dramas. I was hooked on to those a few years ago. Winter Sonata was my favorite.

  4. Sounds very interesting! I never ever thought of exploring Korean dramas but your observations definitely inspire me to do so. Will try to catch some of them soon. :)