Friday, July 13, 2012

Road Tripping

After a really long time, the family took a vacation. We did a road trip to see my sister's family.

The plan was set into motion by the great master who wants to drive all the time - The GG. I shivered as I looked up the distance - 900 miles each way. Google said 14 hours! I almost fainted, had a huge argument and then went to sleep. A few days later, G broached the subject again and this time, since I had done some thinking, I told him 'Let's do this'. G had the biggest silly boy grin on his face.

So we started thinking how we were going to keep 2.5 yo twins entertained for 14 hours and not let them get stir crazy. We equipped ourselves with lots of food, fruits and snacks, nursery rhymes and barney videos. We bought extra long cables for the ipad and kindle and we were set. We also decided to take frequent stops and let the kids decide on how long we could drive.

The trip has been done and I am super excited to tell you that the road trip was a resounding success!! We divided the trip into two parts each way, 7 hours of drive time in each. The kids didn't complain more than once each, they ate random stuff, nothing nutritious, but I wasn't trying to each Mom of the year trophy either, so I was okay with it. We played 'spot the truck' games, sang songs and played peek-a-boo. When we ran out of things, they watched videos. All in all everyone was happy and we made it back in one piece.

The kids had a blast with their cousins, and they were showered with so much love from their Aunt and Uncle. It was a very relaxing trip for us too, since the kids were pretty much on their own, they would play with their cousins, wake up and go to them and didn't even bother to wake us up. Aaah, fun times.

Here are some pics from the road trip.

We did a lot of kids things - lots of swimming and splashing in splash parks, went to a country fair where they rode lots of rides (the train was their favorite), children's museum which was a blast and even got our teeth cleaned by our personal dentist ;), saw July 4th fire works and they even held sparklers and were not scared at all.

All in all a very successful road trip and I am so thankful to G for making me do it. Now I probably won't have such a negative reaction when he broaches up the trip to New Mexico that we are thinking about :D


  1. Yay for you. :-) I'm glad you let GG have his way. Road trips are fun. And good job with your tactical planning regarding snacks and entertainment. I think you may qualify for MotY after all. ;-)

  2. sounds like a fun trip!! and this was a fun post!! enjoyed reading this!!

  3. @Mighty I just play hard to get ;) Road trips are fun but I was worried about the monkeys and how they would in such a long journey.

    @Deb thanks for reading and thanks, it was a fun trip!

  4. Fantastic post! You guys are brave parents to try this road tripping gamble with your twins. Happy to know everyone had a great time. I'm down with a cod / sore throat and finally have the chance to catch up on all your blogs I missed. You write so well and are so regular with updating your blig , even with your crazy schedule.