Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics 2012 and where we are

Like many others we sat glued to the TV watching the in-impressive Dany Boyle directed 30th Olympics opening ceremony. The part till the industrial revolution was good, but then the NHS and dream sequence may have been visually appealing, but it felt short on keeping me entertained. Thanks for making a blink and you may miss appearance JK Rowling, but how could Dany Boyle forget Enid Blyton? They could've had a Nody driving his yellow-red car somewhere. Oh well.

But here's what caught my attention - Saudi Arabia sent female athletes for the first time. Probably I shouldn't be one to talk - my own country disrespects woman and has woman's rights on paper only. To think that this is being celebrated, made me pause and wonder how we can treat our fellow humans so badly. How is it that we are still celebrating this feat - woman participants from all countries. Shouldn't this be a given by now? How it doesn't rake at the minds of men, who claim to be the superior sex, that they are ill treating their fellow human so badly. How that is the future that is being messed with. It is the 21st century and yet here we are talking about the equality of sexes to be able to compete in sports, to represent your nation, to hold the flag. I wonder if there is pride that these women feel when they hold the flag. I often times wonder how/what I would've done.

USA Olympics team on the other hand has more female athletes than male ones. Made me very happy to note that, to note that talent won over sex.

On lighter note, how handsome are David Beckham and Daniel Craig. Left my mouth hanging. The queen was quite the sport, partaking in that video.

NBC's olympics coverage leaves much to be desired, they only cover the US team, when they do cover the last part of another team's performance, they have nothing to say, like literally mouth shut ! They cannot stop gushing over their athletes and god forbid they say anything negative about them. We were watching the woman gymnastics team perform, and the team had a fair amount of deductions, but the commentators didn't tell us where the deductions could've been, nothing. I don't think they are not knowledgeable, they just don't know how to comment.

Here's wishing all the athletes lots of successes. Cannot wait to see how Saina Nehwal does today and Kashyap Parupalli tomorrow. Good luck guys!!!

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