Wednesday, August 08, 2012


The kids now watch a lot more TV.
I am feeding them now as opposed to them eating on their own.
They have written on the walls a couple of times.

That was in order of importance.

Till about the time the kids were 19-20 months old, we were very strict about TV watching and wouldn't let them watch TV. We were disciplined ourselves and our TV was limited to news or sports when the kids were around. Then the kids started falling sick and we started showing them barney on TV to be able to get some work done, while we worked from home on sick days. Well, I had hoped to curb this habit, but I am so far unsuccessful. It is so easy to give in to their demands (not requests) for barney. I am still working on this.

Eating on their own - so the problem is that when the kids Indian food, they don't do the 'pluck roti-dip in dal/veggie-add dry veggie'. It's just the roti. So I decided to feed them and push them along to teach them the whole process. So far, it's one big colossal fail! I think I worry less about this than TV.

Wall scribbling - I had been so proud of my kids that they never scribbled on walls and were so good and meticulous about finding paper to write on. They are still very good, but they have scribbled on two walls (very lightly and I have even removed one of the stains). But they scribble on things they consider their own - their table, their books. Being the neat and clean freak-it bothers me when they scribble on anything but scrap paper.

M'ism of yesterday

Yesterday we were all in the car, a van passes us by. M points out 'Truck' so I tell her 'M it's not a truck, it is a van' (stressing on the van)
Later the same van crosses us again, this time N points out 'Truck', M tells him 'N it is not a truck, it's a VAAAN'.

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