Friday, November 02, 2007

I have always wanted to write this..

every time a celebrity is convicted of some crime, lots of people will say things like "he thought he was above the law, what now?" some others say the contrary "the system is such, people who are in the public eye are made the scapegoat"...
for the former kind, the law has been proven to be a puppet in the hands of celebrities so a certain sense of invincibility surely comes with the power and money one poses, so i don't blame common man in thinking that.

but the later, do u really think that if a scapegoat had to be found in anything, the law would find the man with the money, with the power responsible? don't you think that even these law enforcers are answerable, they cannot make random decisions. to say things like sanjay dutt has been made a scape goat, oh come on, do u really think, the police would go the extent that they did to convict him because............i don't see a reason do u? somehow his name came up in some investigation and the entire judicial system turned against him? he had originally pleaded no guilty to illegal possession of arms, but later when it became clear that he wouldn't be let off the hook, he pleaded guilty. there has even been a tape of his conversations with the gangsters but he was not found guilty of terrorism or acts of. yet the system reeks of partiality!

or in the case of salman khan...he runs over sleeping people, kills one, the case is mysteriously dropped and yet "the system is against him"? ... he spends a total of 6 days in the jail, for killing endangered species and yet he is the hunted?...

i wanted to vent and i am done! phew...
i know that sometimes some cases are mishandled because of all the media attention, but i don't think the above 2 cases are genuine and the accused were rightly accused.


  1. I agree - the richer you are the easier it is to get away with, at times literally, murder. Celebrity images are inconsistent with true selves of movie starts. Some people tend to mix them up and hence this whole emotional reaction when they see someone they liked (or less often, disliked) is take to task for taking law in their hands. Also, we may be guilty of perpetuating the invinsibility feeling that some movie stars are by putting them on a pedestal. Law on the other hand should not care about these things. Some laws are popular and some are not. There wouldnt be freedom of religion and equality if there were laws made a century or more ago that pressed for it.

    In the end, law needs to remain impassionate and independent and punish anyone found guilty of breaking it irrespective of their popularity or wealth.

  2. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Also that we would do without your brilliant idea