Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winter = reading, TV and movies

So it's winter. I am not sure i love this season as much as I used to love it at one point, that point being when I wasn't the lazy butt i am today.

It is dark outside at 5:30 pm, and that's like the middle of the day, or rather the beginning of the day for folks who work an 8-5 day and are headed home to get the evening (read day) started. So I get home with full enthu to cook us a brilliant, hot dinner very quickly and then head to the gym. Now the moment I reach home, I take Dodo out in the back yard, where it's freezing (to my body, which thinks anything below 65 is cold) and Dodo and I rush back into the house, which is also fairly cold, since the heater hasn't yet kicked in.

At this point, i turn the TV on, I am still trying to get dinner ready quickly. By 6:30 ish it's done. It's pitch dark outside, by now.
Now the mind begins to play games, I could simply sit on the couch snuggled inside the throws, Dodo on my lap or feet and watch some TV. Do I really want to venture out in the cold dark night and get on a treadmill or elliptical? When I could be reading or watching TV or best a movie?

The heart wins and the brain numbs in the cold :)

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  1. hehehehe!!!! That is so much like what my mind thinks wonder we are such good friends...

    once it is dark "wanting to get out" comes to a complete stop!