Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Into the New Year.

It's here, 2009! So much has already happened in the year. President Obama is in the white house, Manmohan Singh has had a surgery which has been covered by the media like a ball game and India continues to not take any action against Pakistan.

Personally, nothing much has changed. Life is cruising along. I am irritating people and they are irritation me in turn. The circle of life...

One thing which has been nagging me for a while and which replayed infront of me a few days back. So i decided it was time to address it. A 'friend' of mine forgot my birthday last year. Not a big deal to me since she always forgets it. But if i dare to forget hers, there will be hell to pay. So ok after a few days, i send some pictures out to said friend and there was a picture of me and my birthday cake. And she writes back to me 'O Megha, Happy Birthday. You are buddhi (old woman) now. '

Last week, it was a friend's (different one from above) birthday. He turned 30 and I saw someone wishing him saying, 'Over the hill eh?'. Now said friend was a little busy with his feelings assessing self worth at this milestone and so this comment took him literally over the hill.

I am sure you know, where I am going with this. I really don't want people to wish me on my Birthday if they cannot be happy for me or say kind and happy words to me. Birthdays to me have never been about growing older. I mean that is the reason for the day, but it's a happy day for me. But for some it might not be, but do we need to rub it in?


  1. hehehe! Lets partay on ur bday! No sadness! I hate being sad on my bday too...last year i was though i was sad :(

  2. Completely agree on the birthday thing. Age is totally relative. While the big 30 is a big deal for many (mostly because OTHER people make a BIGGER deal out of it), I dont think anyone needs to lose sleep over the topic of "age".