Monday, March 09, 2009

I need not want...

It's been a month since i blogged, waah!
Well, it's not as though my life has been bereft of happening things, but there was not something i was keen on writing about.

So let me talk about the things I want. Lol, yeah there are so many things I want to do around the house.
1. I want a nice gazebo. i can make do with a not so good looking covering for my patio, but basically i need for the patio to have some covered area.
2. i want to change the door handles and knobs from the generic brass ones to nice dark ones, the more chic looking ones basically.
3. want to put handles on the kitchen cabinets, this one is not a big deal, G n I just need to get to this.
4. I want granite counter tops for the kitchen ..this one is a long drawn out not to say expensive project, so i am thinking maybe 4-5 years later?
5. plantation shutters!!!!
6. a vegetable garden - now for this i need for the mower man to help me set up the ground. but he's not available on weekends, so let's c about that.
7. get a thai zari wall hanging. I just love these, but I have been told the best ones are available in Thailand. So i guess a trip is mandatory :D

Ok, so this is random babble. G thinks I have too many plans, most friends who live in houses tell me we'll NOT end up doing 75% of the changes one plans. So we'll see.
What I do like most to do with my space is make it more comfy, more pretty. If it wasn't for budget constraints and time constraints and LAZINESS I think we could knock all these aspirations out fairly quickly :)


  1. your house is nice as it is...of course the changes you mention will make it more nicer...u should check out the home depot EXPO i was talking about, they are having a sale i think :)

  2. anu, thanks :) i would like for it to be nicer :D
    expo is closing and it is very expensive, not to say it's not good. we loved it, but beyond our budget :(

  3. Just caught up with your blog again. Wow, the home improvement projects sound awesome. There's a nice mix of "easy" and "ambitious" in there. What am I talking about - your list could threaten Ty Pennington somewhat ;).
    Anyway, it made me realize how your priorities quickly change when you own a house. Right now, I would call folding up yesterday night's laundry and rearranging my closet a "home improvement projects".

    And, "splurging" on something would be a dinner out to a "decent" place or a going to a play in SF (tickets are $$$, but I love theater, big or small productions doesnt matter) or shopping for a few top for spring/summer. I so admire you & G for putting aside SOME of the smaller wishlist items and prioritizing your home even in these tough times. Kudos.
    Ok, long speech on frugality and home improvement. Now go watch Julia Roberts in Duplicity, that's what I'm watching tonight ;)

  4. lol Akansha. first off, i haven't spoken to u in so long. how are u?

    Our spending has definitely reduced, and plus G is traveling again so life itself has changed. but it's fun, we're not depriving ourselves of anything, just choosing things we need versus we want :)

    oye, watching a play or going to Opera is not splurging by any standards :D