Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shout Out

In the past two weeks, I have come across some people who told me that they read my blog, I was pleasantly surprised. So here is a shout out to you! Thanks for reading the random babbling of a crazy mind ;)

The kids are now 9 months old. They couldn't be funner! They are crawling and trying to reach up. Neev loves to stand on his knees. It's his favorite stance. Manya likes to reach for things, the table cloth that is hanging for instance! They like to get on top of each other too! And something they did yesterday, totally melted my heart (yeah the same one which has melted million times over in the past year and a half). While they were having dinner, they sought each others hands and held onto each other. It wasn't easy, coz they were in high chairs and Mom was sitting there trying her best to feed. But somehow they managed it.

All this while Dodo wasn't a happy camper. But a few changes we've made has made him more comfortable around the kids. He actually follows Neev around the house. He even tries to play catch me with Neev, but Dodi has learn't that he always wins, so it's pretty pointless right now ;)

In other news the girls in the family are planning to take a trip to the Motherland later this year. Yippee!!! Although I have to say I am very apprehensive about it and least bit for G n N. They will have a fun time here. G already has plans to visit his bum chums in Austin - his other home! I am worried about us. How we will manage and how things will be. We also wonder how the kids will be and if they'll miss each other? We'll see! For now, the mission is to get to India safely, not let M fall sick, get the God awful visa taken care of, have a good time, shop as much as we can, meet everyone we can, eat all the yummy food, dance at M's wedding, meet the family and be back in one piece each.

M n N are so different and have such changing personalities, it's fun to see. M is definitely the more inquisitive one. She likes to touch and feel the texture. N loves to bang things, ofcourse! M chuckles, N laughs and he's very ticklish. VERY! He loves to play rough. N has more separation anxiety than M. Earlier M was the leader, now they both do their own thing, once in a while wanting the same toy or space and then the fun knows no bounds ;)

Their first B'day is coming upon us fast! Why is time flying ? WAIT, HANG ON, WILL YOU?


  1. I love every post you write Megha. :-)

  2. aww J Man, that is so sweet. thanks :)

  3. Soooo Cute!!!

    don't worry you will have desh really well and N and G are going to bond and form groups against you when you are back...hehehe jk :)

  4. thanks anu. i am sure they will gang up against us :D