Monday, February 14, 2011


Although Valentine's day has never meant much to me, other than admiring the red and pink stuff all around, I just thought of the perfect gift for my hubby dear.
Embarrass him by writing about him! If that is not true love then what is?

I love that if you wake up before me, you will get the coffee and the breakfast started, knowing how much I like a hot breakfast on weekends.

I always sleep off watching a show we both like, you are generous and thoughtful enough to not finish watching the show, knowing I will 100% never get around to watching the show if you've already seen it.

On the matter of TV, you watch all the shows you hate but I love with me, I on the other not so cooperative.

You know I never buy a cookie with my lunch sandwich, so once in a while, you'll buy one and save it to share with me in the evening.

Knowing how much I love flowers, but don't have a green thumb, you'll buy me flowers when you go grocery shopping.

The poopy diapers are always your department.

I have to never set the toilet seat. So I don't know what the battle is with other spouses.

You will eat whatever I make, if you don't like it enough, you will not complain then, maybe later. It saves a fight :)

You always take the trash out!

You are always optimistic, it makes me calmer.

Of course you have annoying habits as well, but those don't count (right now ;) )
Love you to bits and the things you do...



  1. awww! so sweet :) How sweet of G! about you...umm..not so much...

    hehehe JK :)

  2. "On the matter of TV, you watch all the shows you hate but I love with me, I on the other not so cooperative."
    ^ Yes, Saurabh does this toooo ! He hates HGTV, Bravo, etc, but watches with me. I never watch any sports channels with him. Never ever.

    Loved reading your post as always. You are always brimming with great thoughts and creative ideas. Keep them coming.