Saturday, August 23, 2008

4 Years...

It's 4 years today, when I first joined my current job and might I add, my very first full time, paying job. I have so many memories here, so many great friendships, so much learning - both programming and sociocultural. It's been one hell of a ride, exciting sometimes, sometimes painfully slow and dull. But for the most part I love my job and love everyone (almost) I work with. No matter how much I crib and moan, I still love it. Come Monday I will again be sad about the weekend being over and dragging my happy little butt to Fort Worth, but I still like it :)


  1. Wow ! I had no idea you have never switched jobs! Switching can be a real pain. In a way, you're lucky to work at a job you like and one that likes you.

  2. Lol yeah! I'm glad I work with a bunch that cares about me :)