Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cloudy on a Sunny day

That's exactly how I feel right now.

My mind wants to contribute to all the glorious programs I am supposed to be writing, but the heart really is somewhere else. I think I know why, I've had difficult conversations with 3 separate people at work in the past 10 days. And 2 of those people have designations which have the word 'Chief' in it. (Tells you how stupid I am isn't it?).

It's not that I am a difficult to get along with, It's just I have been trying to make a point to everyone that people should just do their job, if everyone did their bits, the world wouldn't come crashing down on the rest of us who are taking up jobs of those slackers. I am tired of picking up the phone asking a question and always getting the same response 'I don't know' or sometimes it's 'I didn't know, I was supposed to do that'. It's you job damn it!

So well...I'm glad I've talked about this here, now I've vented.

Oh..another thing is..I'm getting my Tuesdays and Wednesdays mixed up every week. I wake up on Tuesday knowing it's Tuesday, coz I fast on those days, but somehow during the day, my mind had a timer of it's own, the day becomes Wednesday and I get a rude shock when i realise that it's not Wednesday yet. And then on Wednesday, I take the trash out, check the sprinkler coz those are Wednesday jobs and then somewhere in the day, the timer goes a day back!!!! But this makes Thursday (more) the best day of the week!!!

The cloud is hanging low, but the sun is trying it's best. We'll just see how today goes. And hopefully rain will come and all shall be happy and good again :)

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  1. yawn...that is how i feel right now...tired of working...tired of being at work...

    i guess working is healthy but then for everything good you have to pay a price...and so as much as working is healthy it can also cause certain tensions...and hopefully we dont carry them home :)

    The rains will come, clouds will clear and the sun will start smiling again...cycle of life!