Wednesday, September 09, 2009

100th Post

Can't believe i have written 100 of 'em!

So right now, I am very pissed off with the 'Right Wing'. I think all sense and wisdom is out of the window. The way they are reacting to anything the President does, has no basis and certainly no wisdom.

I am talking about the Health Care debate
and Mr O's Back to school speech.

I have been told that some schools refused to show his speech but are taking the kids to see Mr Bush speak. A total WTH moment for me. So much hatred and so much anger the Right wing has.
Mr O, I think you should do what Bush did, do not listen to anyone, just implement what you choose to do.
I am not going to say i favor the Bill too much, but I hate the reasons the Republicans are giving, death panel, denial of service etc etc.

Ok so 100th post should be more cheerful right. So here's the cheerful note, I got 2 awards curtsy Anu. first awards..thank you Anu :)

And I'd like to give it to Chandini. I think her posts are fun and keep me entertained :)


  1. Did you know that the left wing needs the right wing? Just as a bird needs both wings to soar into the skies, so we need both wings to fly into our glorious future.