Tuesday, July 06, 2010

About going to the movies

Now that we are parents, going out to see a movie is a luxury and this weekend when we went, I thought about all important instances when I had gone to catch a movie, the time, the scenario and the fact that I love to watch movies.

The first memory I have of going to see a movie and not watching it on VCR (Yes, we used VCR back then) is going to the movie 'Maine pyar kiya' with my sister and my friend and her Mom and sister. My Mom wasn't in town and Dad was at work and there was no way we would be taken to see it, so we decided to go with friends. It was weird going out without our parents and I was all of 9-10 years old, why would I find this movie entertaining. But this is my first memory, so well..
Next I remember moving to Delhi and going out to see 'Jurassic Park' with my sister and her friends. O how I was smitten by this one friend of hers, he was very polite to me the entire time and I mistook it for love. Heheh...fun times still !
Then my cousin moved to Delhi and these were the all important 11-12th years, when every soul wanting to be an engineer or a doctor (and those were our only choices) was neck deep in books and not allowed to think about movies and such. But my cousin coaxed my parents and she and I had a fun time seeing 'My best friends wedding' and some more. The whole multiplex rage was just starting in Delhi and those were crazy days. It's a very important memory because of the timing of these movies, I would come back from it and get back to my dreary books.
Next I left for the land-of-a-1000-stories - Jabalpur. Now here, we were not permitted to be friendly with boys, but I was who I was and I got friendly with R. (Poor soul, probably repents it till now). So on his B'day he invited the girls and guys out to catch "Mummy". Boy, was that a fun evening! It was pouring rain, our college was on strike and we didn't really have anything much to do. The movie made us all happy and it paved the way for the 999 other stories :D
Next is the time when S came to Delhi and we had to give our TOEFL exam. It was in the afternoon and we had but a day to spend in Delhi together. So we decided to do what anyone would do before an exam, we went to catch a movie. Ironically we saw American Desi. A laugh riot and it helped to calm our non existent exam blues. Memorable for the timing and the stir we caused amongst our parents :D (If you haven't seen this movie, it's a must watch.)
The first 3D movie I saw 'SuperMan'. Such a dumb movie. And my friend S and I were late coming in, and we had to sit almost at the foot of the giant screen. Very painful in every way, not to mention the wrath of the friends who suffered coz of us.
Next milestone in the memory lane is when G n I went for our first movie together. We went to see Click with Adam Sandler. Memorable for all the reasons you're thinking of and some more. We weren't engaged then, and boy was there a whole furor. (Coz ours is an arranged marriage and till it is not arranged, going out for a movie was not the acceptable behaviour).
While I was pregnant, my bum chum A and I decided to go see a movie. She was just out of sorts and I wanted to get out of the rut, so we went to see a movie. That movie turned out to be MJ's 'This is it'. It was memorable, because it was so much fun. Because we got to do it after a really long time, I guess the time b/w her and my pregnancy. And it was MJ, who's music we grew up to and it gave us goosebumps :)
The next memorable movie is when G n I went to see 'Avatar' this is after the kids were born and we going to be leaving them with the Nanny and going to catch the movie. I cried half way through the movie because I am emotional like that :D
And that is my movie journey so far. I bet we'll add so many more like when the kids go to see their first movie, when N and G decide they want to see their kinda movie. When the kids go off to movies alone w/o us and when G and I are old and senile and we'll go with our grand kids :)
Hail Bollywood, Hollywood!!!!


  1. ah ha! I remember that superman! thank you!!

    I loved the MJ movie too...it was so much fun seeing it and that too together! we should so do it again!!! sooon!!!

    I think i will take this up as a tag and write my own memories soon :)

    loved walking down your memory!

  2. The Big R3:40 PM

    "Mummy"...must be in Hindi...i think that was the first time all of us went out...man, we guys have treated each other to some really bad movies and bad food...still was fun - didn't have much going on in Jabalpur...
    I think I watched Pukar and Dil Chahta Hai with you girls too...and I can never forgive you for making me watch Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega while I was in Indore - for that I sometimes still have second thoughts about our friendship ;)

  3. @ Anu,
    we will, we will!
    Yes please, it'll be fun.
    @ Big R.
    Did I? I didn't even remember the movie, you have a fantastic memory. Please tell me why I made you go for it. I must've been(am) a sadist!
    Yeah but none of those movies were as memorable as the first one. You know? And now that you say that, you are right, it was in Hindi. How totally unimaginably different our lives were back then!
    You can't say bad food..have you forgotten Indian Coffee house, I still crave those cutlets!
    I think I am going to blog about food memories soon.