Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Dear Hubby

You know that I love you right? But please try and understand, I am more than capable of finding answers to my problems, of sorting them out. What I don't have and often need is a sounding board. So please just be that. OK? But you have to react and curse the situation as much as I am. That would make me the happiest cribber in the world.

Ok thanks for listening.


  1. please tell my darling also the same message?

    It seems that there is always a solution to my problem...uh...no! I don't care...Da Biatch is the problem! :P

  2. Ya, as conventional it may sound, we are born providers. If we dont get a solution for our loved ones, we get restless and anxious.

    It's only today that we are seeing this new found independence among women, and women having similar lifestyle requirements like men. So this leads to a culture change.

    We dogs would perhaps take some time to change. To accept that women are no longer to be kept secure by a hug. To accept that they dont need our solutions. To accept that they have become like quasi-men.

  3. Thanks for being brave enough to rant about this.
    My biggest problem with his highness is that when I am distressed he doesn’t react to it at all.
    At that time a simple “I know it sucks.” Or “I can imagine how hard that is.” Is golden.
    But I don’t get that.
    Because he dudddddnt know how to do it.
    Duddddddo. :(