Tuesday, October 07, 2008


A: Sometimes my dreams are so bad, I wish in them that it is a dream.

A: So if you could be doing anything in the world right now, but this project you are working on, what would it be?
B: Gardening (Big grin) and you?
A: I'd like to be a stocks analyst and broker. Imagine the fun and exhilaration.
B: Yeah and you would become a smoker and or drinker too!

A: So I watched Joe Biden's speech last nite, it made me want to vote for McCain instead.
B: As opposed to listening to Palin and wanting her to be (almost) the next president?

while i was compiling these conversations between random people, something funnier happened:

(3:37 PM) jon: vCard ?? on my email stuff....what is it?
(3:38 PM) megha: visiting card
(3:38 PM) jon: hun?
(3:38 PM) megha: u know that little piece of paper which people give you when they meet u
(3:38 PM) jon: lol
(3:38 PM) megha: with their name, address on it
(3:38 PM) jon: but how does it work w/ email?
(3:38 PM) megha: u can make one
(3:39 PM) megha: and attach it
(3:39 PM) megha: but u have a signature
(3:39 PM) jon: I can scan one!
(3:39 PM) megha: WHY...why are we having this conversation????
(3:39 PM) jon: what's the purpose of it? = the vCard
(3:40 PM) megha: have u heard of google?
(3:40 PM) megha: www.google.com
(3:40 PM) megha: it's an extremely helpful website!
(3:40 PM) megha: better than talking to megha !
(3:40 PM) jon: FINE!!!

I'm done for the day!

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