Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Let's not call bad taste Humor.

So, just a few minutes back, someone who shall remain nameless, showed me a picture of Obama polishing Palin's shoes, obviously it was a mail forward with the title, "The best picture". And this person looked at me and goes come on it's funny. I smiled, spoke about something else and walked away.

And this is what I should've said and didn't . Had this been a picture of Mrs Obama and Mccain, would it have been funny then? I really don't think so! It's not funny to share picture like this, it really is not. Let's not call bad taste, humor. It's very distasteful.

I have seen very bad, untrue and misleading email circulating around. I am very ashamed of humanity, that such things would be shared and laughed at and thought of as true. And what is even more shameful is when people forward emails withou fact checking. It's not about this picture, but about the million emails out there about someone being from a different religion and such, I hope you get my drift.


  1. Well...a lot of people have no concept of the other religions around them...other beliefs...other tastes...we call them illiterate...they could have a PhD for all we care...but they are illiterate!

  2. I agree, ignorant and illiterate despite all the eduction that they claim to have received.