Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After supporting the Congress party in India for as long as I can remember having any political acumen (if one can call it that?), I have decided that I no longer understand the congress party. This should not mean that I support BJP now though, because that party I will never support.

So back to Congress, I clearly remember the day I became a congress supporter. It was 6th Dec 1992, I was in 6th grade and Mr L.K Advani had led kar sevaks upto Babri Masjid and demolished it. I remember sitting down infront of the TV and learning about the events of the day. What I saw, made me very very mad. It made me very sick.

Though Congress didn't really have a clear leader. PVN was a sad case, he brought about the economic changes in the country, but then he was engulfed in scandals after scandals. The Nehru-Gandhi family has collectively rulled over India for 38 years out of the 61 years of her independence. I cannot say if India would've been better had Indira been brought to justice for all the things she did. I am sure communal violence would be lesser, Punjab would probably be more progressive. I know for sure though that if Nehru had so much as listened to the people and to S.V Patel, Kashmir would probably have been a non issue. PROBABLY. But then the steel plants, the airways, the industries would they have been better or worse? Would we still have not fought over religion and region? One cannot be 100% sure.

On the other hand BJP was flourishing, when Mr Vajpayee became the PM, Kargil happened, I was very happy with the way Indian Military might was displayed. It was very heart warming to see images of Indian flag atop Siachen glacier again! I had started to think that if Mr Vajpayee was a congress man, I would have been very very excited. I remember thinking right man, wrong party.

Those were not the best of the times for Congress at all. They were playing political games, withdrawing support at the drop of a hat, being in power meant more to them than the money that the country was loosing holding elections every now and then. I wasn't even convinced that Sonia Gandhi should be allowed to make crucial decisions. Not because she was not a natual citizen of India, but because I couldn't understand what her credentials were. I still don't think she has any.

And then Godhra happened and I was once again very mad. Very pissed and I wanted Narendra Modi, Advani and that saffron wearing woman from MP, her name escapes me right now. Oh yeah Uma Bharti, I wanted all of them put into prison. Again I was sure Congress it was for me.

Then the party elected Manmohan Singh to be the PM. I have a lot of respect for this man. Very well educated, intelligent and smart. But as PM? Would he have what it takes. And my worst fears came true. MMS is a puppet PM, the reigns are in the hands of Mrs Gandhi. The man dare not do a thing to offend her or displease her, she'll have his chair in the second! It's a spineless government.

It's a party without direction. It will always look upto a Gandhi to lead them. If not then they will fight within, because politics is not about the country, but about their pockets. The party will divide like it did when it didn't have a Gandhi at the helm. It's full of corrupt politicians. Old politicians who are hankering on caste and class to get votes. Not one of them says that caste system politics hurts the economy, Pseudo secularism is at it's best when a Congress politician speaks. I am tired of thinking someday they will change, they haven't in the past 16 years and I don't see why they will going forward.

So today on 6th Dec 2008, I am no longer a congress supporter. Phew, I am relieved.


  1. Congress was good looking, of course until MMS came to know what I mean...Nehru, Indira, Rajeev, and probably Sonia, and then Rahul...they will all look good...but IMHO most of them looted our country...sad thing, neither took anything when they left the world and neither will...I wonder why it has not registered in their dumb heads yet!

    I am also so mad at the BJP's...words cannot describe...not once did I see people as Hindi, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, etc...until they made a big deal about it...jerks for trying to split the country on the basis of religion and trying to set our country back 2000 years!

    I think in general I hate politicians, truth, we cannot live without them...but then why can't we have someone with at least 50% morals?? Why shud they all be 100% corrupt? why don't we have better choices? why can't ppl actively take part in elections? Why why why?

  2. Nice post. I stopped believing in the idea of supporting parties long ago. They are all the same, BJP divides us by employing extreme measures whereas Congress divides us by the policy of appeasement. I don't hate politicians in general though, we do have a few good ones but none of them is brave or strong enough to say or do the right thing. The time has come to look upto leaders,leaders who stand for to say. That is not to say that we are not responsible though. As Mads said in RDB..apne ghar ki safai mein kaun haath gande kare.

  3. @ anu:
    very well said, it's something we all need to know that all we need is 'do bigah zameen' or crematorium.

    @ serioussam:
    thanks for visiting.

    And yeah, politicians are not all bad, i agree with that. but we need for the good ones to be more and do something.