Thursday, November 06, 2008


So much's been on my mind lately. My new niece, my mom's visit, work frustrations and then some more thoughts.

On 5th Nov. 2008, my sister gave us a brand new niece. Tanvi got a baby sister and Gourav and I, another little girl to pamper and love. She's the cutest little thing and I cannot tell you how much we love her.

This Diwali, Gourav and I took the day off to be able to celebrate the day properly. We cleaned the house, put lights in the front yard and made rangoli. After the usual pooja and temple visit, we gorged on some typical Indian food. There were lots of parties before and after and it was a fun festival. It was fairly close to the Diwalis we celebrated at home. But sans our families and the fan fare and the hustle bustle. There is one memory I have from my childhood, that keep coming back to me. It was of the mud doll house (Gharonda) we used to make every Diwali. We were very young and neither my sister nor I were very capable of building the doll house, so our gardener would assist us at this and then we'd help him paint it. Then we'd decorate it with rangoli and diyas just as we would decorate the house. So much fun it was. I miss this little aspect. Of course I am not that young anymore to play with a doll house, but I do miss the doll house. :)

So another thing on my mind is, Sarah Palin. Why is she now on every news channel, doing all these interviews, what's this obsession? Why does anyone care what she's doing now? Suddenly, she has all this respect and faith in Obama. Who is she kidding? I think this is just a publicity stunt and an effort to repair the damage she had done, which of course she fails to see!

India beat the Australians 2-0!!!! yeayyy, way to go! But this also brought about two fabulous careers to an end. Ganguly and Kumble retired. I have always found it hard to imagine an Indian batting line up without Ganguly. But it is what it is and it's time for the new players to shine.

Meanwhile, more people loose their jobs. More industries need to be bailed out and yet there are lots of ex CEOs who sit on a mountain of wealth, who created this whole problem. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, the most optimistic of us are now shaking their heads, so we'll see.

This post, really was a means to get things out. To write about mundane and yet things important to me. I didn't mean for it sound like i was perusing the headlines, but I think it well has. Oh well. Tomorrow is Friday and Mom will be here! Smile.

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