Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mom has a crystal ball.

Isn't it true? I think it is. I'll tell you why. When i was a kid and I had a problem going on with friends Mom always knew something was the matter well before I would tell her about. Well, she was there, she could see my expressions you would say! When I took a drop year and studied for the Engineering entrance exams, the days i didn't study much, she would always know! though i had the whole facade of 'I am studying really hard' you know! Then i moved out of the house.

The days I was struggling with my exercise regime and I was feeling fat, that day she'd ask me so are you working out? (Naturally i would defend myself tooth and nail!) The day i got a bad grade in school or didn't want to study, "Are your grades good". Out of the blue. How did she know???

And now, without my even hinting at it, is work ok? when that's the day I am not concentrating much at work. What are u eating today, when that's the day I want to eat some cheesy oily totally sinful thing. How does she know??? When I am not in the mood to clean the house, she'll ask me how the house was and if I had done anything new.

This is not supposed to mean that my Mom is a person who controls her kids, but just that she's someone who seneses her childs problems well before I even know that I have a problem with something. That's what a mom's full time concern is really, wouldn't you say? I know my Mom worries about us all the time, esp. since we're continents away.

I am not sure when I am a Mom, if I'll know it too. Maybe w/o my knowing i sleep dial her and let her know the biggest issues. I don't know! But she sure knows!!!

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  1. don't worry
    you will defi be a perfect mom!!!